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DAY 1 May 13(Fri)

TIME(KST) ROOM A ROOM B ROOM C Poster Exhibition Room
07:30~08:30 Registration Poster Exhibition
08:30~10:00 Region-Specific Forum KASID-MISGKAI Joint Symposium
10:00~10:20 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing
10:20~11:50 Symposium 1
The Cutting-edge Issues in IBD
Symposium 2
Hot Topics in Epidemiology, Screening, and Prevention of Colorectal Cancer
KASID-GEST Joint Symposium
Microbiome in Colorectal Neoplasia
11:50~12:40 Luncheon Symposium 1 Luncheon Symposium 3
12:40~13:30 Luncheon Symposium 2 Luncheon Symposium 4
13:30~14:10 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing
14:10~15:40 Symposium 3
Recent Advances in High Quality Colonoscopy & Surveillance of Colorectal Cancer
Symposium 4
Up-to-date Research in Gut Microbiome
International Multi-society Online Case Conference for Intestinal Diseases
15:40~16:00 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing
16:00~17:30 Symposium 5
Challenging Cases in IBD
Symposium 6
Deep Dive into Small Bowel Diseases
18:30~21:00 Presidential Dinner

* Subject to Change

DAY 2 May 14(Sat)

TIME(KST) ROOM A ROOM B ROOM C Poster Exhibition Room
07:00~07:20 Breakfast with Master Poster Exhibition
08:00~09:30 Symposium 7
Emerging Tools in IBD Research and Practice
Symposium 8
Optimal Strategies and New Issues in the Field of LGI Therapeutic Procedures
IMKASID for Young Researchers
09:30~09:50 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing
09:50~11:20 Free Paper Session-1 Free Paper Session-2 IMKASID Regional
11:20~12:10 Luncheon Symposium 5 Luncheon Symposium 7
12:10~13:00 Luncheon Symposium 6 Luncheon Symposium 8
13:00~13:40 KASID General Meeting
13:40~14:00 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing
14:00~15:00 KASID Plenary Session
15:00~15:10 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing Nurse Forum (KOR)
15:10~16:10 Poster Round
16:10~16:20 Coffee Break & Poster Viewing Poster Exhibition
16:20~17:20 Combined Session
Opportunities and Challenges for Future Intestinal Research
17:20~17:30 Closing

* Subject to Change

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